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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Speeding Up Your PC

                     OPTIMIZING YOUR PC's SPEED


*To increase computer speed is basically achieving the computer speed and performance consistency.


Most of the computer problems are the result of viruses, spywares and the registry overload. If proper care is taken in addition to hardware maintenance check, computer performance can be stabilized. No one can afford to loose important data just because of poor computer maintenance. The following steps are provided to help you improve the computer speed performance and increase the life period of your system.

Step 1:

Keep System Clean: Many users fill up almost their entire hard drive with what amounts to junk. This will, over time, compromise the function of the computer.

Step 2:

Beware of advertiser hype: If your system is affected by a fatal error always use the services of a trusted computer repair service provider. Do not rely on advertisers claiming to correct PC errors with a magic wand. It is always better to spot the errors from the beginning. It is possible through self maintenance which also saves time and cost.

Step 3:

Defragment the hard drive: Defragment is one of those words that sends most user’s heads spinning but it’s very easy to understand. Oftentimes, a tech will leave this function running after they’ve completed servicing a PC. The software for doing this is included in Windows and it only takes a button press to start it. Basically, the function cleans up the hard drive so that files are more quickly-accessed.

Step 4:

Install an Anti-virus Software: Viruses are too many. There is always the chance to get infected from them if you use internet. Always have a good antivirus installed on your computer.

Step 5:

Disconnect the internet if virus or a spyware or a trojan is suspected.

Step 6:

Cool your machine: If your computer suddenly starts operating very slowly, check to see if the case feels overly-hot. Especially in hot climates, make sure the computer as adequate air-flow around it. Overheating causes myriad difficulties and the computer bays in most work desks do not provide sufficient air-flow. You can even make use of additional coolong fans for laptops.

Step 7:

Regular Maintenance is the key: Periodically conduct scans for viruses, spywares and the registry errors.

Step 8:

Noting the errors: Errors do happen with the systems. Note them down. Search for their solution on the internet. You will find answer to most of them there.


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